The blue in “Blue Sail” is not just any blue. Indigo has been

known to mankind as a dye for more than 4000 years.


    Indigo is extracted from Indigofera, a plant growing

in tropics, and the dye has been used for a wide

variety of purposes from cave paintings to the

dying of the denim fabric.


    Indigo is known as the living colour. When

used to dyed cotton, indigo will only apply to

the surface of yarn. The core will still be white.

 Over the years, the garment will fade naturally

 from wash and water, thus obtaning the well

 known denim look.The living colour gives

living clothes.


    Original “Blue Sail” is made from

%100 pure materials, dyed with

indigo or natural coloured “Blue Sail”

is guaranteed to fade beautifully

in a natural unique way.