Koza Triko, which manufactures through Blue Sail brands was founded in 1976 to bring new expansions into the sector.

      Koza Triko believes in the power of creative design. The company manufactures considering design and functionality simultaneously.

     Koza Triko team believes that successful collections can be created only through special designs.Koza Triko manufactures its own collection and collections, prepared according to demand.

      Flexible and active manufacturing is adopted in order to meet customers in the shortest time and correctly.

      Koza Triko focuses on quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction and strives continuously for the goal of new creative products.


      We, as a team, like what we do.

      We believe in design. Good design brings enjoyable use. We manufacture considering design and functionality simultaneously.

      We have been working since 1976, without even thinking of manufacturing ordinary products, striving to produce better and good aesthetics, bearing the excitement within us everyday.